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SpeakEasy, somewhere in exploded Euro City.

Biotech and Minimalist impression;  a nouveau, and nouveau riche, tangent impression of some college Nietzsche ideal of Brecht. It bleeds light like a stuck pig, but all in reds, whites and blacks.

The drink glasses clink and crash. The speakers pump a rib-cage rattling thump.

Mackie reclines, lanky and proportionate, at a tiny drink table in deep club shadow, presented in a perfect, utterly immaculate black tux tasting of the early 1900s. His faded blond hair greased just enough to give his thin skull its perfect shape. His pale blue eyes, easy and seemingly dependent on the pleasurable thrill of a living archaic tribute to an era lost in the annals of history, give smoldering and skeptical impressions. A diminutive smile on crooked lips, he sweeps the club crowd panorama with leisure. Decorative, delicate hands in stuck artist's poses, angled just right in the silhouettes of painfully bright strobes of artificial light.

There have been whispers of his intellect, his talent, his stature, both in appearance as in society, and its extreme pull. The females look upon him and, despite equitable time, swoon within. The males look confused and subsequently ridiculing.  Some have spoken of his throat, of his voice, of this angelus. Most have spoken of an acute danger that encompasses his eccentricities, one that spikes his softened porcelain exterior.
inspired by personal events. coaxed by ghosts. 2, 4, 1, 10 am I transmitting? is anyone listening? contact...
Michael Hubbard rip my friend by RUNNrabbitRUNN it is with deep regret I announce the passing of Michael L. Hubbard aka  MHubbardSanDiego as he has passed away January 27th 2015. Michael, you were loyal, sympathetic, empathetic, kind, and wondrous. I miss you dearly, every day of my life. every Zep song is played for you. and many a sconscie has been tipped to you, within the Dance of the Dead....
.... are loved.
...and you are dearly missed.
  • Mood: Peaceful
  • Listening to: iron maiden/dire straits
  • Reading: idoru William Gibson
  • Watching: Breaking Bad
  • Playing: memory
  • Drinking: sconscies of the Bastard varity


United States

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